The Beautiful and Efficient Anatomy of Pregnancy

TED and The Huffington Post are excited to bring you TED Weekends, a curated weekend program that introduces a powerful “idea worth spreading” every Friday, anchored in an exceptional TED Talk. 

Alexander Tsiaras have spent most of the last decade focusing on the marvels of developmental biology — “the study of how multicellular organisms develop from immature forms into an adult.” I study this using scientific visualization technologies that my team at TheVisualMD have developed. It’s almost impossible to express how privileged I’ve felt to watch the process of conception to birth, as genetic mechanisms dynamically instruct each fetal cell of where to go and what to become.


In the 7th, 8th, and 9th weeks, a baby’s lungs develop. In this finely tuned and choreographed fetal development process, the right lung grows longer and separates into three lobes while the left lung forms only two because the heart needs to grow; this protrusion, these heart cells, actually “talk” to the developing cells of the lung, saying, “Hey, I need some room here”. These lungs’ asymmetry accommodates the architecture and design of the cardiovascular system. Our beautiful and efficient anatomy is truly awesome and endlessly fascinating.

Please watch this exciting video of  a child’s birth it is totally breath taking.


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